Vermont Economy at a Glance

  • FY12 Budget Shortfall: $176 million, or 14%
    • One Family's Share: $1,132
  • Population: 621,760   Unemployment Rate: 6.2%   Poverty Rate: 9.4%
  • Median Household Income: $50,619
  • Potential Public Revenue from tax on natural resource extraction: $1,2 Billion / year
    • One Family's Share: $7,720 yearly
    • Currently collected by corporations tax-free
  • Cumulative Afghan & Iraq War Cost to Vermont:
    • $1,724,493,495 ...Not counting the cost of the illegal war in Libya!
    • One Family's Share: $11,904
Full Documentation on the Cost of War to Vermont families courtesy of
Apr 162010

Ripton, Vermont – April 3rd 2010

This past Saturday evening, the green flag of Independent Vermont flew over the Ripton Community House. Folks from Addison County and all over Vermont gathered for a fun evening of Bluegrass music, dance, beer and great potluck food, and for one night we were able to forget about Peak Oil, Climate Change, economic collapse and getting arrested for speaking one’s mind out…  and simply enjoy the company of each other.

This is what politics in Vermont should be about: git down, talk heart to heart, the breaking of bread and sharing of good things. Somewhere along the way it’s been lost; community roots lost.  The Independent Candidates have brought this back.  If you’ve missed the event, there will be others, not only in Addison County but all over Vermont.

Bayley - Hazen Boys

The Bayley - Hazen Boys: Gary Darling on mandolin and Steve Wright on guitar and five string banjo.

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