Vermont Economy at a Glance

  • FY12 Budget Shortfall: $176 million, or 14%
    • One Family's Share: $1,132
  • Population: 621,760   Unemployment Rate: 6.2%   Poverty Rate: 9.4%
  • Median Household Income: $50,619
  • Potential Public Revenue from tax on natural resource extraction: $1,2 Billion / year
    • One Family's Share: $7,720 yearly
    • Currently collected by corporations tax-free
  • Cumulative Afghan & Iraq War Cost to Vermont:
    • $1,724,493,495 ...Not counting the cost of the illegal war in Libya!
    • One Family's Share: $11,904
Full Documentation on the Cost of War to Vermont families courtesy of
Jan 232012
A Storm Is Coming

A storm is coming. I’m in for 2012, as part of the Vermont Thirty, taking back our Legislature from corporate control.

You may find my positions here, the evolving platform that earned my status as a Liberty Candidate for 2012. The platform may be summed up in the words of Sitting Bull, Chief of the Lakotah Nation: Let us put our minds together, and see what kind of life we can make for our children.

Sitting Bull: Let us put our minds together, and see what life we can make for our children.In 2012, I’m going to be a grandpa. Folks, it takes something like this to broaden your perspective… and now it’s personal for me: I am strongly opposed to Vermont taking federal money, because it’s borrowed money that my grandchildren will get stuck paying back. Deprived of the opportunities that I had, simply because of one short-sighted, greedy generation.

I say this now: the job of a State Legislator is to protect the rights and fortunes of the people who sent him to Montpelier. Not; I repeat NOT to give up those rights to gain federal grants for make-work projects in his district.

These federal grants, stimulus and other welfare is DEBT: money borrowed from my grandkids without my consent and spent today. We Vermonters would be better off holding onto our hard-earned cash. It is a traditional Vermont value to do without what we cannot yet afford, to scrimp & save until we can buy something honestly. Handouts simply aren’t the Vermont way.

And that means deep tax reform. No more bogus, partisan, rubber-stamping “blue ribbon commissions”. I’ve been writing about tax reform for a couple years now at, I know what to do.

And I want to hear from you. If the 2012 election taught me anything, it was how to listen. Patiently. And learn.

What’s next?

  • Public forums & debates: make your voice heard. Ask the hard questions, hold your current representatives accountable. We’ll have a lot more of these this time around, sponsored by communities and independent third parties.
  • Smart Meters: Learn the truth, and act on it to protect your family from them. Lockheed/Sandia Smart Meters are being pushed as ‘green’, yet they’re anything but. Beware of huge corporations twisting words that are dear to us, words like ‘sustainability’. They do this for their own ends.
  • Independent ownership & control of Finance, Local Food, Energy, and the Political Will that it takes to get us there. In short, a real future. Doing for ourselves.

TAANSTAFL: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

See you out there. Want to run too? Want to help? Click to contact me and we’ll get started!

Using Economic Crises to Steal from Us

Either someone has to pay... or we slash the budget, restore opportunities and stop taking away Vermonters' hard earned cash.

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