Vermont Economy at a Glance

  • FY12 Budget Shortfall: $176 million, or 14%
    • One Family's Share: $1,132
  • Population: 621,760   Unemployment Rate: 6.2%   Poverty Rate: 9.4%
  • Median Household Income: $50,619
  • Potential Public Revenue from tax on natural resource extraction: $1,2 Billion / year
    • One Family's Share: $7,720 yearly
    • Currently collected by corporations tax-free
  • Cumulative Afghan & Iraq War Cost to Vermont:
    • $1,724,493,495 ...Not counting the cost of the illegal war in Libya!
    • One Family's Share: $11,904
Full Documentation on the Cost of War to Vermont families courtesy of
Sep 052011

Here are some pictures from the REAL Vermont. We’re on our own, but are pulling together and helping each other as we always have, always will.

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Vermont Flood Hi-Res Gallery – August 2011

Photo credit: Lars Gange & Mansfield Heliflight
Free for editorial use. Call 802-238-7809 for additional usage questions.

Flooding Monday morning on Route 2 in Bolton, VT.

Flooding Monday morning on Route 2 in Bolton, VT.

Some people exit their property by canoe as they paddle past a submerged full-size truck.

A barn and equipment just off Route 2.

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Sep 272010
Keep Route 125 in Vermont Open

Hurricane Irene has been & gone, washing away the temporary blacktop of Rte. 125 ‘improvement’ band-aids. With the Vermont Guard deployed to Afghanistan, Vermont lacks any meaningful disaster preparedness. We must bring the Vermont Guard home! Your legislator is violating his oath of office if he or she refuses to act on this.